People on Twitter are coming up with names for a ‘Tory Glastonbury’ and it’s hilarious

Tonight’s Saturday evening hashtag to emerge in the Trending section is #NameTheToryGlasto. After our man JC made an iconic speech at this year’s Glastonbury, it seemed as if Theresa could probably have done with doing the same. Except, the demographic she appealed to would probably never have been caught at Glasto. So what’s a good alternative for the Tories? These people had the right idea (literally).

A name to reference Theresa’s naughty side:


A name that effectively sums up how most of the UK feels about their government right now:toryglasto2

A name to sum up the Tory ideology:toryglasto3

And again:toryglasto4

And one to sum up the people that govern this glorious nation:


A more topical one to reference the Tories’ fave activity:toryglasto6

And of course, their coalition with the DUP:toryglasto7

This guy gave more of a description with his suggestion:


And this guy just cut straight to the chase:



I mean, he’s not wrong.

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