Literally Just a List of Times Piers Morgan Was an Absolute D*ckhead on Twitter

It seems as if, recently, Piers Morgan is trying to turn over some sort of new, liberal leaf. After taking to Twitter and the Daily Mail (OK, maybe not too liberal) to talk about his outrage at Donald Trump's banning of transgender people from the military, it seemed as if maybe there was a glimmer of hope. Except, of course, when I actually read the Daily Mail article in question and realised he's still the same dickhead he always was.

You can read my response to his article on HuffPost here – but for now, here is a list of times he was just an utter knob on the TL.

1.) When he criticised people for having extreme opinions


…Even though he literally makes a career on having strong opinions.

2.) When he mocked transgender people right after tweeting about supporting trans rights


You ok hun?

3.) When he had 'no time for the gender neutral brigade'


It's a good thing they don't want your time, then.

4.) When he actually tried to convince the world that Donald Trump is fitter than most people


Seems legit.

5.) When he basically said Susannah's Reid success was due to him, and told a presenter that she'd do even better at a job if she had a man next to her


The wink emoji just makes it even more gross.

6.) When he didn't even try to hide his outright bum licking of Donald Trump


You're the only one, hun.

7.) When he responded to the #Legsit scandal by comparing it to getting someone's name wrong


Erm, Legsit was blatant, thought out misogyny. Not an error.

8.) When he said… well, this:


There are no words.

9.) When he criticised Ariana Grande, despite the fact she had just survived a terrorist attack


The poor woman had just had people die at her concert, for Christ's sake. Give her some time to recover.

10.) And of course, this old chestnut.


Aww bless him he's threatened xx

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