Here’s the scientific reason why the British public loves Kem and Amber so much

Unless you're in a high security prison or you live abroad, you'll know that last week Kem and Amber were crowned the winners of Love Island – the reality show that even people who hate reality TV became obsessed with.

Having started watching it about half way through the series, I have to admit I wasn't exactly sucked in to the show, but I did catch a fair amount of it to be able to pass judgement on all of the contestants. And to be honest, I never thought Kem and Amber would be the winners. They seemed a bit 'meh' – there had to be more to it.

And then, I saw the light. Of course. The reason us Brits love Kem and Amber so much is because they, on some level, remind us of iconic BBC power couple Gavin and Stacey.

Gavin and Stacey : S3

If you've never seen Gavin and Stacey, not even the Christmas special, then I'm sorry but you're not a true Brit. You just can't NOT love them. Even though it was the additional characters that truly made the show, there was no getting around the fact that Gav and Stace were goals.

Which brings us back to Kem and Amber – the similarities between Gavin and Stacey and Kem and Amber has obviously subconsciously convinced the British public that these two are meant to be.

I mean, think about it – he's an Essex boy, she's a Welsh girl. Already off to a cracking start.

Then, you consider the timeline of their relationship. They only met eight weeks ago, but they're already talking about getting married. Does this remind you of another couple that got married very soon after meeting? Mmmhmm.

Plus, like any normal couple, Gavin and Stacey had that blip, that bump in the road, where they thought things weren't going to work out. Chyna was basically the human equivalent of Barry Island. That thing standing in the way of the relationship that they managed to work through in the end.




Before going on the show, Amber was offered a lead role in the Hairspray musical, but turned it down to go on Love Island. Kind of like when Stacey had a decent job, but quit to move to Essex and live on his mum's sofa. Which… is admittedly a lot worse than spending seven weeks soaking up the sun with buff men in a luxury villa. But whatever, it's the principle.

And OK, so Gavin and Stacey were very average people and very average looking, and Kem and Amber are gorgeous (now extremely rich) reality stars – BUT, deep down, they are the real life Gavin and Stacey that the British public understands and adores. It's in our psyche to feel an attachment to them, because we were so affected between 2007 and 2010 by their deeply relatable lives, yet aspirational relationship.

Gavin and Stacey : S3

That is, unless Kem and Amber's relationship is all for the money, fame, and the OK! cover, but I guess only time will tell. I'm just gonna need their best mates to have a baby together now, please.


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