‘Health Through Happiness’: Dani Duran on her New Fitness Account

What inspired you to start your account?

I think what most inspired me to start my account was the fact that I saw something missing in the fitness pages that I followed. I saw some great motivational stuff, people posting all kinds of transformations and achievements, but very little about the struggles behind it.


Making a lifestyle change is difficult, especially with the media pressuring us to have to look a particular way. Being a girl, I know what its like to battle with the pressures and expectations of society and I think that a lot of the fitness related material out there often adds to that. There is no doubt that fitness has become a trend in the last couple of years, yet I still think its very misunderstood. For that reason, I was inspired to share my own story with transparency.

What do you hope to achieve with it?

I have two great objectives. My first one is to inspire people to begin their health journey, to adopt healthy eating habits by introducing them to new recipes that contain whole foods. I want to share workouts and fitness plans that have worked for me personally and help them share their results.


My second objective is to guide them through the process. As I mentioned above, it is not an easy road. It is tempting to take the ‘unhealthy’ path to a ‘summer body’, to feel like you need to punish your body for not being perfect. I want my posts to remind people that to be healthy and beautiful you need to be happy. I think its important that we all get reminded of that once in a while.

What’s your personal workout routine?

My personal workout routine has changed throughout the years. I began thinking it had to be all or nothing, two hours in the gym or I wasn’t doing anything. Thankfully, I learnt that was the way to exhaustion not success. Currently, I workout whenever and wherever. I have weights, yoga mat and equipment at home but I also go to the gym. I normally workout in the mornings for an hour and I do a combination of HIIT, strength training and pilates around 5-6 times a week. The reason why I work out almost every day is because I suffer from migraines, and exercise has been the way to get rid of them. When I learnt to look at exercise in a positive light, it became ‘me’ time and important for my self care.


Are there any brands that you find make good workout clothes?

I have an obsession for training shoes, its quite bad. I love Nike training shoes they are so beautiful and colourful and they are great for the high impact workouts that I do on a regular basis. I have, however, been cheating a little bit… as you can see in my pictures I am slowly leaning towards Adidas sportswear lately.

What would you say to your younger self if you could?

I think about this quite often. I am not a person that likes to live with regret because I think most of the mistakes I’ve made have made me who I am now. However, I did wish I had someone to guide me when I was first starting. I think the greatest advice I would give to my younger self would be not to take anything too seriously. Stressing over being healthy is just as bad for you, or worse, than eating a burger.


And finally, who are your inspirations?

I love Fitness Blender videos. Kelli Segar’s story about her transformation and her advice has helped me find balance in my life. I recommend their videos to anyone.

You can follow Dani’s fitness journey on her new Instagram account, @ddoyoudare

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