Sunday’s Sexism Summary! – August 30th

So here’s something fun (or maybe not so fun, actually probably kinda depressing) that I’ve decided to start!

Every Sunday, I’ll give you fine folks my weekly roundup of the sexist bullshit I’ve seen on social media, the news, or in real life, with commentary!

Alright, ready to get pissed off? Here we go!

  1. These responses to Malala’s GCSE results

malala 3malala 2malala 1

On Monday, I saw an article on The Tab which exposed all of the gross comments written by users of none other than The Lad Bible, a top resource for all things misogynistic. I’d like to see one of these guys get shot in the head, survive it, then get all A*s and As. I bet they couldn’t even scrape Cs – and that was with no head shootings or international campaigning. Maybe it’s because they were too busy getting “major pussay” to revise. And by that I of course mean spending all day on Call of Duty and trying to disguise the wank stains on the sofa. (Read the full Tab article here)

2. This letter that Labour MP Alison McGovern received

Tweet-1After appearing on Channel 4 news, Alison was told by some cock that she was using her cleavage to attract attention to herself. This is what she was wearing:


You can BARELY see her boobs. And even if you could, who gives a shit!!! This reminds me of that time Rita Ora was on the One Show and loads of mums kicked off because they saw a woman showing literally the same body parts that they have themselves. I love that breasts seem to have this superpower of making people really angry, mostly in people who will later that day go and look at them on the Internet. Obviously, I know, that’s a different context, but Jesus Christ – can everyone just get a grip, please? Breasts were created to feed people, not to give boners, and I think that has been long, long forgotten. It’s just a piece of her body, why the hell does it matter? As one person rightly commented on the Independent’s article on the story – “I’ve seen more of a cleavage on a builder’s bum”. JG Hunter, get a fucking clue please. Stop making this woman feel ashamed for literally wearing a top and having breasts.

3. Donald Trump’s continual harassment of Megyn Kelly


If you think about it, is there a male equivalent of bimbo? A term like that that’s specifically for males? Anyway…
Some of you may remember that last week Trump had an interview with Megyn Kelly, where she asked him about misogynistic comments he had made in the past. When asked about the interview, he said “you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, out of her wherever…”. So basically, defending women’s rights = you’re on your period. This goes back to the age old stereotype of “she’s angry, therefore she’s on her period. Ew. How gross. A period.” No, you’re just an immature prick.
That wasn’t enough however – Trump then took to Twitter to continually insult Kelly. Grow the fuck up, Donald.
It’s terrifying that this man is running for President…

4. The Lad Bible comment section – again

lad bible

Criticism about the Lad Bible really does hit a lot of guys’ nerves, as if there is a special part of their hearts dedicated to this stupid page. That’s probably because, for some men, the Lad Bible is an Internet representation of their lives. In amongst funny pictures and vines lies casual sexism – and that’s just the posts. The comments are just out of control a lot of the time.
This week was actually pretty tame, by LB standards. They posted an article about Ronaldo’s break up with his girlfriend being about how he was obsessed with the size of her boobs. Cue the gross comments. Above is just a little snippet, including such thought-provoking debates of today’s youth such as “what’s bigger, her tits or her lips?” and such charming opinions as “her tits are shit!” and “I wouldn’t fuck her!”. What the hell has our country come to, when you get a bunch of guys spending their free time speculating about the size of some poor woman’s breasts, as if this all that affects her overall worth as a human?

5. The Daily Mail and their scandalous gender roles

daily mail

OMG GUYS!!!!!!! Women are doing less housework!!! We’re getting fat!!! SOMEBODY ALERT THE PRIME MINISTER. Er, maybe it’s cos more of us don’t have time to do housework and exercise cos we’re too busy earning loads of money and doing whatever the fuck we want?

6. The “Men’s Humour” Twitter page

mens humour mens humour 2

Some absolutely classic tweets here from one of Twitter’s grossest accounts. OK, let’s take the first one. 10 Reasons to Sleep with a Hot Mom. MH are flabbergasted that “because she’ll make you Bagel Bites” isn’t on the list. As if sleeping with an older woman = she will cook you Bagel Bites. What the hell even are Bagel Bites? To be honest they sound great. But why would you assume that sleeping with a mother means she’ll cook them for you? Oh yeah, cos you’re a sexist douche. If I was a hot single mom I would sleep with someone younger than me just so that I could buy a bunch of Bagel Bites and eat all of them in front of him and tell him to walk home.

And the second one – ah yes, another timeless double standard. Basically, if you’re a guy – get studying, you need to be smart so that you can get a good job and earn loads of money so you can get a hot gold digger wife to marry you. But if you’re a girl, you need to study so that you don’t end up being a gold digger wife. Wait – what?! In what POSSIBLE situation can these two things work?! Is the assumption here that girls, of course, won’t study, will end up stupid and desperate, and that’s why boys need to be READY to make the most of this situation!!! Ugh. Sort it out.

7. This guy


Girls = tits

Boys = football


8. Agnes Hedengård was told she was too fat to be a model



Watch her YouTube video about it HERE

9. These charming banners from the Sigma Nu fraternity at Old Dominion University


I feel like fraternities should just stop being a thing.

10. This asshat from the 50s


I don’t know about you guys but I’m so over these white American Christian men telling us what we can and can’t do with our bodies. Fair enough if you want to wait for your “wedding gift”, but a lot of people don’t think that way. I’d love to see this guy have to deal with a pregnancy, or an abortion. What happens after you’re married, and you’ve had your “wedding gift from God” (seriously that sounds hella creepy) – are you supposed to just never have sex until you want another kid? Or are you just gonna have like twenty kids running round the house? Either way your marriage will go to shit mate.

That’s all from me for now, remember to forget about tha haters,

Tegan xo

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