You Need To Know About Sandra Bland

TW: SUICIDE/MURDER/POLICE BRUTALITY Hey guys, OK so this is something that I actually really don’t want to write about, because it makes me feel kind of sick. I was so ready to do a post about the Nicki/Taylor beef, (Team Nicki all the way) but this overrides that. I just feel that more people need to know about it. Although thousands of people are tweeting about it across the world, I don’t think anyone in my circles will really have heard of it, and this is a HUGE DEAL GUYS.

So a woman named Sandra Bland was arrested in Texas for a minor traffic discrepancy. I think her tail light was out. Anyway, she was pulled over, and was arrested because she refused to put out her cigarette. She was an activist against police brutality, and following all the disgusting stories of racist police officers in the US recently, she decided to fight her corner, not even dramatically, and was taken to prison.

Then, two days later, she supposedly hung herself in prison. Many people are saying this is total BS, and that actually, Sandra was murdered – another case of racist police brutality. What absolutely sickens me is the allegation that Sandra may actually be already dead in her mugshot. People have analysed the photo, and said that taking into account the way her shoulders are, the way her hair falls, the background etc., she could be dead in the photo. An “original mugshot” has been released, I’m not sure if it actually is the original – but it absolutely sickens and frightens me. Her eyes are rolled back and everything. I won’t post a picture here because it’s seriously disturbing.

The prison officers have said that Sandra’s death was suicide, and that she hung herself with a bin liner in the cell. Because she had marijuana in her system, this apparently means that she was depressed and trying to kill herself? Even though a friend who was speaking to her when she was in prison said that she seemed fine and was upbeat, knowing she hadn’t done anything wrong. People have speculated that the death was not suicide, but murder. And by taking a look at the post below, it seems pretty damn plausible. I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time some US police officers killed a black person for no reason at all. 11693881_686281761515528_1009571992490349702_n The fact that she was even arrested is absolutely ridiculous, but that it’s actually plausible she was murdered is downright vile. To be honest, I am not believing a word of what the police are saying. There is no way that woman killed herself – and we need to demand that this a) becomes big news and b) is looked into properly.

What it comes down to is – she died in police custody, when she should 100% not have even been arrested in the first place.

A petition has been launched to call upon the United States Department of Justice to take over the investigation into the case. SIGN THE PETITION HERE THEY ARE VERY CLOSE!

And in the meantime… #staywoke

Tegan xo

One thought on “You Need To Know About Sandra Bland

  1. Whoa. I do not really know what to say. I had kind of heard about this but honestly I haven’t really been keeping up with the news lately. I am usually a total news junkie but work has been keeping me busy 24/7 and I just haven’t had the time. I didn’t know the entire story until reading this post. It just sounds so crazy.

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